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Broken Links MUST ignore external links outside the KB
The broken links feature is a mission-critical feature for any documentation product like Doc360. Especially if you use extensive intra- and extra-page linking because you follow an "every page is page one (EPPO)" paradigm. But your current broken links implementation becomes rapidly worthless and untrustworthy if you include ANY links to external sites that are behind some form of security authentication. For example, articles written for our internal developers routinely contain links to our private GitHub Enterprise repos. Because your link crawler cannot authenticate and actually follow these links, all the articles containing such links are reported as containing broken links. When in fact they are not. This same problem exists when you might link to a design document on a Sharepoint host, or to a privately team-shared Google Sheet, etc. etc. As a result, we already have a running list of 42 articles with broken links, when in fact no links are broken at all. And it makes it nearly impossible to recognize a TRUE broken link (internal KB links), because of all the NOT broken pages already sitting in the broken links report. I'd honestly recommend just globally ignoring ALL external links. But if you are worried about doing that, then at the very least, please give us a config option to disable broken link checking for external links, for those of us who might be linking to private hosts in this manner. Note that a major content platform (MadCap Flare) also has excellent link-checking features, and it completely ignores external links during its link-checking process. That never posed an issue in the 10+ years I worked in a Flare authoring environment.

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