In the WYSIWYG editor on a private note in the the corner is the settings and trash icon for quick access to permissions and deleting the note, also there is "Only visible to team member(s)" or "and selected reader group(s)" after I make my changes.
This is extremely useful as all of our documentation is exclusively in private notes or many private notes, and seeing this info at a glance lets me know if I have set permissions correctly or not and gives me a quick way to get to the permissions.
But in the Advanced editor this has been removed, you now need to click the note to get a popup for the permissions, and once permissions have been set (which are not being retained but I have a bug ticket in for that) there is no notice of this in the corner of the private note.
With Documents that can contain close to 100 private notes this is now a frustrating process to 1. set permissions on each note and 2. there is no easy way for me to verify that permissions have been set correctly at a glance without clicking on every single note to bring up the permissions page again.
Can you please add this information back to the private note as it currently displays in the WYSIWYG Editor, otherwise creating documents efficiently is going to be a heck of an issue.