At present, the workflow of updating/replacing existing images is not very convenient:
  • If you replace the source image in the Drive, the updated image is shown in the public preview right away, however it takes several hours until the updated version becomes available in the WYSIWYG editor (while the notification message mentions that it should take up to 20 minutes). This makes it hard to track whether you see an updated image in the editor.
  • The source image file cannot be replaced from the topic editor - you have to find the file in the drive and replace it from there. Also, to see the file name of the source image you have to check topic code or open it in a new browser window. It would be better to be able to easily see the source file name from the editor as well as initiate its replacement from there.
  • Because the image update takes several hours, it's easier to add a new image rather than replace/update an existing one. In this case, the old file remains in the drive as an unused image.
  • If you drop and image during upload with a file name that already exists, it doesn't warn you that there is already a file with the same name, and adds a copy with (1) added to its name in the root folder. It would be nice to have an option to replace the existing file(s) in the corresponding folders during upload.