On the browser version, users are able to click on any images to view them larger.
Within the in-app assistant, if you click onto images, they do not increase in size. This means that the screenshots we've added are difficult to see in detail within the in-app assistant.
Is there anything we can do differently in our setup, in order to allow images to be clicked on and viewed larger? If not, can we request this as a new feature, please?
Here's an example of one of the existing images:
<p><span class="fr-img-caption fr-shadow fr-rounded fr-dib" style="width: 400px;"><span class="fr-img-wrap"><img src="https://files.document360.io/0c293f89-3398-4ebd-b7ee-e34ed201f9da/Images/Documentation/expkb005_001.png" alt="Screenshot"><span class="fr-inner">Setup</span></span></span></p>