There are significant issues with the way that images are handled.
o Images in documents that are converted from the WYSIWYG editor are consistently squished. We then have to edit the image or recreate the image manually. Additionally, resizing is not maintained. So, the image will have to be resized later.
o Images copied from one article into an existing document are squished.
o Using the image tool, you cannot use 100% or auto for image width or height. This was possible in the original editor and is an essential feature.
• I could highlight text in the WYSIWYG editor and then go to the code editor. The code editor would jump to the text and highlight it. This is no longer possible.\
• The scrollbar width (on the right) is very small and sometimes hard to see.
• In the new UI, the scrollbar on articles is missing if the browser is above a particular zoom/resolution combination. My editor's laptop resolution is 1920x1080, and her zoom is 100% (normal). The scrollbar is missing for her. If she reduces the zoom to 80%, it becomes visible.
• There also seems to be increased slowness with the new editor, and I have experienced several crashes while using it. I will get some screen captures of this the next time it happens.