Firstly, I want to thank the DEV team for creating this search option. It will become increasingly useful to us and has been very well received. So, THANK YIOU VERY MUCH!
We do have some feedback and additional setting requests to help us take full advantage of this Advanced Search function.
We are asking for the ability to set the following PROJECT WIDE:
  1. We need to be able to enforce the Advanced Search option for failed searched in a Version.
  2. We would desperately appreciate the ability to be able to nominate that a specific set of specific Version can be search at all times, as a default.
Let me explain why we need these functions.
  • When I search a term that is not mentioned in the current Version the Advanced Search option WILL NOT appear if it's a failed search. (See 1 & 2)
  • The Advanced Search option only appears when there is at least one mention of that topic in the current version being searched. (See 3 & 4)
  • The staff are then required to ensure that they go to the Advanced settings and toggle on all Versions or manually select them (See 5 & 6)
As you can see by our search result stats staff are often looking in the wrong version for a particular item. (See 7 & 8 - On separate images. Some failed searches are a result of just searching from the wrong version and never getting the Advanced Search prompt option.
Does this make sense?
Thanks Michelle
I have lodged a Support request (#169817) with Swathi if you want to see my full thread of comments and more context.