In Document360, you have to manually update hyperlinks. Yes, there is a report that helps you identify such broken links, however you still have to do it manually, and also this report is not available in all subscription types.
There are often cases when hyperlinks are expected to be updated, such as when when the article slug (unique identifier) is modified or when an article is deleted. If such an article has references to it in other articles, it would be great if Document360 could automatically update the references when you change the article slug (in this case, update the slug in the hyperlink(s) in other articles) or when you delete an article (in this case, the hyperlinks could be removed, i.e. turned into plain text). This could be implemented in different ways:
  • as the default behavior
  • a setting to enable/disable this feature
  • a dialog window where you could select whether you want references to be automatically updated.
I've seen this behavior in other help authoring tools and was surprised that Document360 didn't manage this automatically, except the Link Status report.